[Originally written in February 2017, a time when the future was very uncertain, but I still had hope. I felt it was time to let this story out. Hopefully it will give you hope that things can be good again. Opinions are my own.]

The US White House seen from the west with a sunset behind it.
A favorite view of the White House from the the 3rd floor of the EEOB.

[Sometime in February 2017] I’ve wanted…

#NASASocial CRS-15 #Dragon attendees documenting the 6/29/18 launch. Photo Credit: NASA Social

Everyone needs to see this. That was the thought running through my mind throughout my visit to the Kennedy Space Center for the SpaceX CRS-15 launch. Everyone, especially students, need to grasp the incredible technical feats we as a people have undertaken to make space exploration possible.

Sitting in the…

Students digging into their projects at the CSNYC Animal Rescue Hackathon

CSforALL recently announced the Call for Commitments for the 2019 CSforALL Summit. This is an opportunity for organizations, industry, government and others to step up and announce new and expanded efforts to bring computer science to all US students. I know what you are thinking — that is a job…

Teachers and supporters of increased education funding pack the state capitol in Oklahoma City during the second day of the teacher walkout on April 3. — Nate Billings/The Oklahoman via AP

Watching the teacher walkouts this week in Oklahoma and other states — including my niece Rachel Pilant in Broken Arrow, OK — and reading Senator Elizabeth Warren’s statement about her teacher Mrs. Lee, got me thinking about the teachers who influenced me and contributed to my life. They are as…

Ruthe Farmer

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